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The value of being a member at CrossFit 140 goes beyond training. We provide so much more than a one-hour group training session. As a member, you will learn our development protocol: Learning our methods SAFELY, MOVE and TRAIN EFFECTIVELY, MOVE and LIVE OPTIMALLY. You’ll have the opportunity to learn so much more than how to squat with proper form and understand that we are here for HEALTH, not competition and “crazy workouts”.

What to expect during a CrossFit Group Training class

  • Be greeted by your coach and other members who are happy to see you.
  • Dynamic warm-up to prepare you for the workout. Usually designed for that day’s workout
  • Skill, drills and instruction for each part of that day’s workout
  • Specific preparation and coaching to help you move and perform your best through that day’s workout. Our coaches will identify, correct, and optimize as needed
  • Be pushed relative to your level of ability to ensure results
  • Learn how to cool down, recover, and get ready for tomorrow’s workout
  • Have a great time becoming as fit or more than you have ever been in your entire life

Constantly Varied

High Intensity

Functional Movement

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